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Health Benefits of Weekly Tai Chi

EXCITING NEWS - Jerry's Tai Chi class has moved to a new location in the newly renovated Holly Springs Community Center (which is the old Holly Springs School Building). The Seniors beginner Tai Chi class is every Tuesday at 10:45am. Beginners first class is FREE.

If you are from the Holly Springs Community, we invite you to come and join our tai chi class for better health and some community camaraderie with a fresh mug of java on the first Tuesday. Call ahead and you may have the hot mug of java on any Tuesday.

First Tuesday of each month the Tai Chi class will get to sample some freshly roasted(no more than 48 hours old) exotic coffee beans from around the world. This is not your common drip made coffee. This is what you would call "Custom Slow Coffee". Hand poured to a full bloom over freshly grounded beans to extract the total flavor from the beans. After this there is little chance that you will ever drink store bought coffee again.

So come join us for a great mug of java and some healing Tai Chi movements.

Back to Nature with Jerry's Tai Chi Studio

I have been in Jerry Cain's tai chi classes for over a year. I have enjoyed his classes very much. I love the instructor's level of inspiring instruction. The classes always help me to relax and relieve stress as well as improve my overall health. I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in improving their balance, flexibility, and sense of well being.
      Pat Wilcox
      Franklin, NC

Any questions, please email: -> jerry at yurtstudio dot com or call 828-231-6965