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Get ready for an adventure of color
at Nature’s Home Art Painting Workshop!

Lead by Doreyl Ammons Cain... At Nature’s Home Yurt Studio in Tuckasegee, on the first Saturday of every month, between 2:00pm & 5:00pm, people come to explore the possibilities of color. Experiencing close-up the intricacies of color, these students of art love the challenge of creativity. You'll be bringing the bright flashes of nature's colors to bristol paper with a rainbow of pastel sticks. Pastels have the truest colors of all art media, since it’s pigments are held together with less binder than oils or acrylics. ’Pastels’ does not at all refer to pale colors, as is commonly thought, but comes from the French word ‘pastische’ because the pure, powdered pigment is ground into a paste, with a small amount of gum binder, and then rolled into sticks. The infinite variety of colors in the Pastel palette range from soft and subtle to bold and brilliant.

Armed with a box of pastels, everyone observes nature closely, learning more about color each time they come to Nature’s Home. These students of color always leave a lot happier than when they arrived!

Any time of the year washes of clear color lightens the landscape with purple, yellow, blue wildflowers and a vivid array of abundant trees. Wild birds, intent on returning to a warmer climate, stop over at Nature’s Home long enough to be recorded in pastel strokes. Even squirrels stop their nut gathering and sit still on tree limbs to study the changing forest. Students of pastel painting also become students of nature in these workshops.

"To view nature undisturbed gives the most profound esthetic experience. No wonder people still attempt to capture this natural beauty on paper & canvas and have since recorded human history. So far in this series of workshops, art students surprise themselves at the creativity that bubbles up with each encounter with a wildflower or distant mountain scene." says Doreyl.

For a workshop fee of $36 all materials are supplied. Call Doreyl at 828-293-2239 for your reservation or use the email link below. Nature's Home is located near Bear Lake on Hwy 281 just past Western Carolina University. Call or email for directions.
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