Over 30 years of Leading Classes, Groups and Private sessions

Jerry Cain has taught several styles of Medical & Healing Qigongs(BaDuanJin etc) including a Ancient Daoist Style Mini Short Form and also a Daoist Modified Yang Style Long Form for over 30 years to 1000's of students from all walks of life throughout the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina and Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

Jerry's Class & Group Experiences

  • Franklin Health & Fitness - 22 years
  • Waynesville Fitness Center
  • Southwestern Community College
  • North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Harris Regional Hospital Wellness Program
  • Blue Ridge Hospital(Drug Rehab Recovery Program)
  • The Mountain(UU Spiritual Retreat Center) n/k/a The Learning Center
  • Nature's Home Yurt-Adventures(Spiritual Retreat Workshops)
  • Nantahala Village
  • Qualla Community Seniors Center
  • All Major Assisted Living Facilities for Macon, Jackson and Swain Counties
  • 100's of private classes